Clancy Behind COVID-19 Research

Clancy is currently working on COVID-19 samples, focussing on finding diagnostic biomarkers for long COVID and identifying unique molecular patterns that could be responsible for symptoms of long COVID.

Hands On at AQWA

Our Year 9 Marine Science students headed to AQWA this week to learn about the biodiversity of the Western Australian coastline.

Year 10 Brain Waves

Our Year 10 Science students have been learning about the electric waves produced by our brains. As part of their research, the girls have been monitoring the frequency of particular brain waves.

Students Adopt a Penguin

Year 11 Integrated Science students have ‘adopted a penguin’ from the Penguin Foundation as part of their topic on environmental degradation.

Search Dogs Visit Santa Maria

This week, we had the pleasure of meeting two beautiful dogs Priska, a German Shepherd, and Drift, the Weimaraner, and their incredible trainers, Dianne Bolger and Bev Auld from Search Dogs Australia.

National Science Week 2019

This week Santa Maria is celebrating National Science Week. The theme for this year is Destination Moon and the Periodic Table. Each day the girls have been presented with challenging quizzes and fascinating activities around those two themes.

Students Test Newton’s Law

The Year 11 Physics course has been a roller coaster of learning, with the girls concluding Semester 1 by conducting an experiment where they explored energy conservation

Skype A Scientist

Our Year 5 students were very excited to Skype with Julianna Kadar, a shark biologist at the Macquarie University, from their classroom this week. Julianna’s work focuses on Port Jackson shark movement and migration, which ties in with the topic of adaptation

Students Learn about Marine Life at AQWA

Marine Science is offered to students who have a love of science and interested in the ocean and all it has to offer. The visit to AQWA introduces the girls to the Marine Science course and includes activities linked to adaptation, classification, conservation, food chains as well as how humans are influencing the oceans in the world.

Biology Students Looking at DNA

In Biology class the girls are looking at the structure and function of DNA. Every living organism has DNA, which controls the function of their cells. The girls are conducting an experiment to break apart the cells of strawberries and extract the long thin filaments of DNA from the nucleus of their cells

Year 9 Marine Science Visit Penguin Island

Our Year 9 Marine Science students headed off to Penguin Island this week, to investigate the effects of human influence on the Shoalwater Marine Park. The girls also looked at the adaptations of dolphins, ospreys, terns and sea lions at the park too

Year 7s Head to the Zoo

Year 7 Science classes have been learning about the habitats of different animals from various parts of the world. Perth Zoo provided the perfect opportunity to further the students’ learning on this topic.

Students Selected for National Youth Science Forum

Year 11 students Stephanie Tory and Madeleine Haines have been selected to participate in the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF). This is a not-for-profit organisation, which runs a series of residential programs encouraging young people to pursue their passion for science.   

Mythbusters Science Fair

Myth Busters is a fun Science elective where students learn more about the scientific method and participate in project-based, hands-on learning while designing an experiment of their choice.

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