Clancy Behind COVID-19 Research

Clancy is currently working on COVID-19 samples, focussing on finding diagnostic biomarkers for long COVID and identifying unique molecular patterns that could be responsible for symptoms of long COVID.

Changing Girls’ Attitudes to Technology

Though girls use a large amount of technology daily, few choose to have careers in the field. With technological advances being everywhere we look, it’s a shame that more females don’t consider pursuing this activity as a profession.

Flexible Learning

Endorsed programs give students a little more flexibility in their learning and help them to gain entry to university.

Year 6: Solving Big Problems

Spark6 is part of our Enhanced Learning Program with a technology focus that develops the 3Cs – critical thinking, creative thinking, and collaboration.

Empowering Girls – Jennifer Oaten

Being a principal brings me much joy when I see the incredible opportunities that empower our girls in and out of the classroom. This term has been no different. Our teachers provided many experiences for our students to connect learning to life, develop personal strengths and build friendships.

Fearless5 Gets Underway

In Fearless5, the girls are investigating the question, ‘How can we encourage the bird population around Attadale to visit the College?’

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