We Should Be Shining Lamps

“We should all be as shining lamps guiding all those around us”. These words spoken by Catherine McAuley sum up the Mercy in Action service activities staff participated in this week.

Fearless5 Gets Underway

In Fearless5, the girls are investigating the question, ‘How can we encourage the bird population around Attadale to visit the College?’

Social Innovation

Jennifer Oaten met recently with the Eco Sisters to hear what the group has been doing and to discuss stewardship and green initiatives in the Strategic Plan.

WorkWise Program

Last year’s Year 10 students were invited to participate in a new, exciting initiative during the holidays.


Gone Fishing!

Fishing is not often associated with teenage girls, but maybe it should be. Year 11 Outdoor Education classes have been learning all facets of fishing.

Earth Day

On Wednesday we had our first Earth Day at the College to promote sustainability and raise awareness about environmental issues.

Fun With Yabbies

At Santa Maria College, Year 11 Biology students have the opportunity to develop their scientific inquiry skills by working with yabbies.

Everything is Connected

Pope Francis invites us to celebrate Laudato Si’ Week from 16 – 24 May 2020. The theme for the week is Everything is Connected.

Volunteer Week: Students Create Care Packages

This week is National Volunteer Week, Santa Maria students volunteer in the community as part of our Service program, but many go above and beyond their compulsory hours because they enjoy the benefits of volunteering.

Environmental Awareness

In the Year 10 Outdoor Education Environmental Awareness unit, the girls have been learning all about our environment, how human activity is harming our environment, and what we as individuals can do to make a difference.

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