A Reflection On Cambodia

Two months ago, 13 very excited 2019 graduates, three teachers and 600kg of donations, headed off to Cambodia for our two-week immersion experience.

Students Create Indigenous Mural

As part of Santa4Santa day, the YARN co-curricular group organised a local Indigenous artist to come to the College to help the group create a mural in the fitness centre.

Santa4Santa Day

Santa4Santa day is a day of Christmas celebrations to fundraise for those less fortunate. The money raised is combined with the donations and items collected for the Christmas Appeal and is donated to St Vincent de Paul, the Shopfront and St Patrick’s in Fremantle.

Pengiun Island

Marine Science Visit to Penguin Island

Environmentalist are arguing that recreation, tourism and human visitation to Penguin Island are negatively impacting on the marine environment. For conservation reasons, the environmentalists argue that the island should be closed to human visitors.

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