An Update from Strive9

The Year 9 girls are thoroughly enjoying their Strive9 project so far and have decided on what their Homeroom focus areas will be.

Students Strive to Help Others

Strive9 is part of the suite of Enhanced Learning Programs at Santa Maria College. It is a social justice project, completed in Homeroom groups over the course of Terms 2 and 3. The girls choose an issue they are passionate about and work towards making a difference in that area. The project culminates with Implementation Day, where the girls go out into the community and put their work into practice.

Strive9 Launches for 2018

Last week, Strive9 was launched to Year 9 students. This Enhanced Learning Program is a social justice project that students work on together in their Homerooms over the next two terms.

Year 9 Students Making a Difference in the Community

Strive9 is a service based social justice program for our Year 9 students. Over the course of the term, the girls have been preparing service programs in their Homeroom groups. This week all their planning and hard work came to fruition. On Thursday, the girls implemented their projects.

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