Best Role Model, Is One Who Fails

We usually think of role models as people who are well behaved and have achieved excellence. Maybe, what our kids need more are role models who fail and then recover.

Dance…Fit for a King

Young Prince George will have ballet lessons as part of his curriculum at his new primary school. Learn why Dance is an essential part of a holistic, education for everyone…not just future kings..

The Power of Consistency in a Now, Now, Now World

If you had to identify one thing that distinguishes this generation of teens from all those before it, I think it would be their belief in the power of now. They are the generation of instant gratification. If you want to speak to someone, you call them on their mobile device. If you want to see someone, you FaceTime or Skype.

Active Wellbeing

This week our Year 8 girls were involved in a session on active wellbeing. The girls were able to select a an activity of interest from taking a walk along the river, yoga, drawing, craft, crochet or making stress balls and then learning how to juggle.

Positive Detective

As part of their Health Education our Year 6 students have been learning the value of positivity and seeking out the good in their worlds.

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