Year 11

A Night For Dads and Daughters

This week, Year 11 students, their dads and other guests enjoyed a fun night together. Always a highlight on the Year 11 calendar, the Dinner Dance is a celebration of all that fathers and daughters bring to each other’s lives.

Drama Day at Scotch College

Year 11 drama students headed to Scotch College to participate in Drama workshops with industry professionals, the focus of these workshops was movement, improvisation and text interpretation, which are all key aspects of the Drama ATAR courses.

Maddisyn Speaks Out For Refugees

Year 11 student, Maddisyn O’Grady has made it to the final of the ‘Speak for Faith’ competition following her speech on injustice for asylum seekers in Australia.

Punmu – The Trip Of A Lifetime

For many, it might sound like a cliché, but the Punmu immersion trip really is life changing. For the twelfth consecutive year, students from our Year 11 cohort headed north to a remote indigenous community in the Great Sandy Desert.

Year 11 Exam Ready Workshops

Workshops  offered over the past two weeks for Year 11s have been particularly insightful and helpful in our preparation for exams. We were offered different perspectives and new strategies to help us revise and condense our content and strengthen our skill set to cope with the two weeks ahead.

Biology Camp – Quadrats & Transects

As a component of the Year 11 Biology course, students have been on camp this week, staying at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre in Beelu National Park. The girls took part in field work activities and saw conservation programs in action.

Year 11 Biology Camp

Our Year 11 students recently spent two days conducting fieldwork, helping gather data for the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Halogen Leaders Conference

In March our Year 11 Student Representative council attended the 2017 Halogen Leaders Conference. Speakers included Halogen’s founder Sam Skinner, Tracy Vo, and Brad Ness.

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