year 5

Girls Enter Spelling Bee

Students from Santa Maria, along with students from five other schools participated in the 2019 Regional Interschool Spelling Bee held earlier this month.

Primary Classes Open Their Doors

It’s been a very busy week for Years 5 & 6 this week, with Open Night and Grandparents’ Morning. The girls have loved showing off their classrooms and their work.

Learning from the Early Settlers

Our Year 5s are currently learning about the first settlers of the Swan River Colony. The girls visited Peninsula Farm and the East Perth Cemetery to learn first hand what the settlers went through.

Spaghetti Tower Challenge: It’s Not All About Money

Year 5 students at Santa Maria, have been working on an economics task – a Spaghetti Tower Challenge. Students were asked to build towers using spaghetti and marshmallows. To make it more challenging, each group were allocated a different monetary budget to buy their materials.

Prickly Classmates for Year 5

The Year 5 students have some strange visitors in their classrooms over the next few weeks! The Science Department has generously allowed Year 5 to care for their four Thorny Stick Insects while the students are learning about adaptations.

Year 5 Take a Trip Back in Time

In the Year 5 Humanities & Social Sciences course, the girls are studying the Swan River Colony. As part of their studies, the girls headed off on an excursion to visit Peninsula Farm and the East Perth cemetery this week.

Year 5 Reflection Day

While the ‘big kids’ were away at the Years 7 – 12 Interhouse Swimming Carnival, the Year 5 girls enjoyed their Reflection Day.

Santa Maria – Throughout The Years

Our Year 5.5 Class have been studying “Santa Maria throughout the years” in Geography class. The girls have had the opportunity to view historic images of the College from 1939 to 2016. Their project was to observe and note down any visible changes.

Dolphin Watch

Dolphin Watch 2017 has well and truly started at Santa Maria College. Joselyn Juraszek from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Visitor Attractions was invited to the College on Tuesday evening to chat to our ever-growing group of Mini Ladies in Lab Coats.

Students Teach Students

Our Year 12 Outdoor Education class had a great time teaching Mrs Ryan’s Year 5 class about some environmental issues in our world today.

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