year 8

Check Shirts and Hay Bales

Our Year 8 girls excitedly prepared for their first social with Aquinas last Friday. The Year 8 social traditionally takes on the theme of a bush dance.  Year 8 student Elle McGowan shared her thoughts.

Year 8: The Domino Challenge

Today during Pastoral Care Time today, the McDonald Building was filled with laughter and shrieks of joy as the Year 8s embarked on a mass domino challenge.

Solving the Crime: Year 8 Forensic Science Incursion

This week Year 8 students participated in a forensic science incursion titled ‘A Case of Conspiracy?’ . This is an exciting and interactive educational experience. Observation and deductive reasoning combine with the science the girls learn in the laboratory, to solve crimes in the real world.

Explore8 Well Underway

Explore8 is well underway and the girls are completing their ideation stage of the design thinking process. Many are now up to designing their prototype for their project. I hope to see lots of girls busy creating and building models of their solutions next week.

Year 8 Bush Dance

On Friday 4 August, Year 8 students enjoyed the Year 8 Bush Dance with the boys from Aquinas. The girls had many hours to get ready and back to the school just before 7.00 pm. We all arrived excited and unsure about what a “bush dance” would be like.

Reflection Days

This week our Year 7 and Year 8 students have participated in Reflection Days run by Project Hatch.

Active Wellbeing

This week our Year 8 girls were involved in a session on active wellbeing. The girls were able to select a an activity of interest from taking a walk along the river, yoga, drawing, craft, crochet or making stress balls and then learning how to juggle.

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