Taking Flight: Students Soar at the Athletics Mini Meet

Participating in athletics carnivals is crucial for students. It fosters a sense of healthy competition, encourages physical activity, promotes school spirit, and provides opportunities for personal growth and achievement.

New to the College this year, our Years 5 & 6 students participated in an athletics mini meet. The girls had an absolute blast, getting involved in a wide range of both individual and team events.

Emma Wood, Head of Sport, says, “Whilst we love our Interhouse Athletics carnival, we recognise that it doesn’t give all Years 5 & 6 students the opportunity to compete in all events. We are all about opportunity here at Santa Maria, so the mini meet was created. We wanted everyone to experience the competitive aspect of athletics events in a fun and friendly environment where they could have fun with their House group.”

“On a side note, the highlight for me was girls moving through their stations with their bronze and silver stickers, determined to get a gold at their next event.”, adds Emma. 

From shot put, javelin, long jump, and sprints, to other fun activities such as the baton relay, egg and spoon race, sack race, and tunnel ball, the meet provided the perfect balance between athletic challenges and enjoyable, engaging experience, ensuring a well-rounded and memorable event for all.

What made the meet even more incredible was seeing every student having a go at each event, and giving it their 100%, regardless of ability. Staff and parents watching on were very impressed by the grit, determination and perseverance displayed out on the track and field.

We asked a couple of students to reflect on what they enjoyed most about the mini meet. Here is what they had to say:

I like that I got to try lots of different things. I hadn’t done some of them before. My favourite event was the long jump because I love sprinting and running. I’m looking forward to the Athletics Carnival now so I can compete for my House. Zoe Carder, 5.5

I loved doing all the activities, especially the long jump. I enjoyed spending time with my House and competing against each other in the novelty events – the sack race was my favourite, it was so funny! Amelia Hull, 6.9 

We look forward to seeing how the girls go at the Interhouse Athletics Carnival, set to be held on Thursday 27 July, at the Western Australian Athletics Stadium!

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