Taking Their Skills to the Water: Year 10 Outdoor Education

At Santa Maria, we present many opportunities for students to take their learning beyond the walls of the classroom. This allows students to put their in-class learning into practice and enjoy invaluable experiences that allow them to develop their skills and confidence in their abilities. 

This week, two of our Year 10 Outdoor Education classes had the chance to participate in this type of external learning, with a trip to the Marine Education Boatshed to compete their theory and practical Recreational Skippers Ticket assessment. The remaining classes will be completing their Skippers Ticket assessment next term. 

Leading up to the assessment, the students have been learning the theory of boating and the rules to skipper a marine vessel, to ensure they were prepared to pilot the boats. 

Obtaining their Skippers Ticket opens up many exciting opportunities for the students. With this qualification, they can:

  • embark on exciting adventures 
  • apply for employment within the maritime industry 
  • increase their safety on the water 
  • explore beautiful coastal environments

It is fantastic to see the students participating so enthusiastically and dedicating themselves to acquiring their Skippers Ticket. Outdoor Education teacher, Erinn Campbell, says “Witnessing students attempt their Skippers Ticket assessment has been a rewarding highlight as they embrace outdoor challenges, collaborate effectively, act on feedback, and adapt to demanding situations.”

Congratulations girls on earning your Skippers Ticket, we can’t wait to see where this certification takes you!

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