Talents Within Our Community

Jasmine Norrish, Year 12 Catherine House
Recently, artist Wade Taylor came to the College as the 2020 Artist in Residence. He facilitated a workshop with our Year 12 Art class for our Art Encounter day on 23 February. During the workshop, we had to create a body of work using oil paint and Wade’s techniques, which he demonstrated to us. 

My piece (pictured above left) features another boarder, Milli Beatty, sitting in our brand-new outdoor area in Catherine House. Usually I work in pencil, but it was great to step out of my comfort zone and the colour theory exercises he completed with us are still relevant to colour pencil. The painting is still a work in progress, and I look forward to finishing it off soon.

Zoe Pedrin, Year 12 Catherine House
A big shout out to Zoe Pedrin for organising the Year 12 Boarders Toilet Paper Journey video above.

I challenge other groups in boarding to create a similar video!

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