Teachers Learn More About Specific Learning Disabilities

Most of us know someone who has dyslexia and we know that it made school difficult for them. However, beyond that, we are pretty vague on the specifics of the condition. Today, our teaching staff learnt a good deal more about the Specific Learning Disabilities: dyslexia (reading), dysgraphia (written) and dyscalculia (mathematics).

Gemma Boyle, who is an educational and developmental psychologist from Dyslexia SPELD Foundation, spent the morning helping staff understand the challenges students with these conditions face. She then provided strategies that may make life easier for students.

It was an interesting and practical session. It illustrated how much of a mental load our kids with learning disabilities are carrying. Often, they are working three to five times as hard as their peers to achieve the same outcomes. It must be thoroughly exhausting!

Gemma made it very clear that the sooner we recognise students who may be suffering with a Specific Learning Disability, the better the long-term outcomes for the child. With this in mind, please always feel comfortable to communicate with teachers about what is happening in your childu2019s learning. Identifying learning challenges is not about stigmatising children, it is about ensuring we are in a position to facilitate learning.

For more information contact Head of Learning Enrichment, Mrs Melanie Lee

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