Technology and Commerce Day

Photography competition winners and runner up from L to R: Harriet Noske, Gemma Smart, Sumaya Northcott, Emily Wilkinson, Abigail Marra.

Technology and Commerce Day at Santa Maria College is held at the end of Term 2 to coincide with the end of the financial year. The subjects we are involved in include those in the media, accounting, business and information technology area. In classes, students have been participating in codebreaker games, photography treasure hunts, guest speakers and class activities. We work to highlight the role of technology in society.  

Below is the link to the digital entries of the 2021 Pubbles Photography Competition. The images are shortlisted and then Mrs Oaten selects a winner and runner up from this group.

2021 Pubbles Photography Competition Winners, as selected by Principal Jennifer Oaten:

Black and White
Winner – Sumaya Northcott (Year 12) – Umbrella
Runner Up – Gemma Smart (Year 8) – Bark

Winner: Harriet Noske (Year 8) – Lizard      
Runner Up: Emily Wilkinson (Year 9)- Cattle

Winner: Abigail Marra (Year 9) –  Sunset
Runner Up: Emily Wilkinson (Year 9) – Birds on Tree

Winning Photos

Click on the photos below to view them at full size.

Runner Up Photos

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