Technology & Commerce Day

Technology & Commerce Day gives our College community an amazing glimpse into what the subject area is all about. Though small in size, the department is one that should not be underestimated!

What does Technology & Commerce Day involve?

To form part of the day, the iconic Game Vault party bus came to campus. This was a fun and exciting experience for the girls, which allowed them to play some of the world’s most popular video games.  

At recess, the Year 9 Start Your Own Business stalls were on display in the Plaza, where staff and students could come along and buy some goodies. In addition, the photography competition entries were on display for the community to view. The results of the competition have been announced, which you can find here.

At lunchtime, some of our girls were transported to another time and place using virtual reality headsets. Our Years 6, 7, and 8 students also showed off their coding skills at the Robotics display, which proved to be a popular hangout spot amongst students

What subjects fall under Technology & Commerce?

There is no shortage of fun and engaging subjects for our Years 7 – 10 students to choose from, including Media, Robotics, and other Business-related electives.

For our Years 11 and 12 ATAR students who are potentially after a career in the field, they can select from Business Management Enterprise, Accounting & Finance, and Applied Information Technologies.

What makes Technology & Commerce subjects relevant?

Head of Technology & Commerce, Lia Sly, outlined why she would recommend students take up a Technology & Commerce subject over their time at Santa Maria.

“Our lives are so heavily influenced by both technology and commerce, so it is more important than ever that we are teaching the girls the necessary skills to make informed decisions, to be leaders, to understand how the process behind the creation of the products they consume and recognise how their buying habits are heavily influenced by algorithms.”, says Lia.

“Not only do we help the girls develop their creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills, but we teach them skills that are necessary to succeed in the 21st century”, adds Lia.

More Information

For more information on our Technology & Commerce subjects and how they can benefit your daughter, please reach out to Lia on 6330 0292.

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