Term 2 Ensemble Concert Performance

An evening such as the one last night represents the culmination of many week’s work, practice and planning and so I would like to acknowledge the contribution of the following people in making the Ensemble Concert such a success.

Rebecca McGregor, Helen Shanahan, Grace Armstrong, Rebecca Kinsella and Andrew Pearson have all put in a great deal of work with their respective ensembles and should be very proud of their performances. Thank you all for your efforts and significant contribution to the success of tonight’s performance – they are very much appreciated!

Katie Mowday always does a fantastic job in the lead up to these performances and the girls will be eagerly awaiting the photos that she took on the night – thanks Katie for your sterling contribution!

Malcolm Cesareo has been a staunch supporter of the program for many years now and his work and guidance with the younger students in the String Orchestra is so invaluable – thanks Malcolm!

At the Choral Concert last term, we welcomed Jessica Del Borrello to Santa Maria as she relieves Rebecca Kinsella who is on maternity leave this year. Last night, she took the reins of the two concert bands and did a fine job as the performances were very polished. Thanks, Jess for all the work that you have put into the ensembles and we hope you are enjoying your stay at the College so far!

A huge thanks to all of the students who performed last night and the parents and friends who continue to support them at these performances. Best of luck to the Year 11 and 12 students over the coming exam period and also to the Year 10s who sit their first exams later in the term. Your support and hard work are very much appreciated by all of the staff in the Music Department.

Finally , well done, Katia Fernandes for another excellent Music Captain’s performance behind the lectern and for the musical leadership you demonstrate in the two larger ensembles.

Paul Kinsella, Head of Music

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