That’s a Wrap on House Drama 2023

Our students have been hard at work writing, filming and editing their submissions for the final Interhouse event of the year, House Drama. 

Following the announcement at today’s whole school assembly, we are excited to announce the winner of the House Drama Competition is de la Hoyde House!

Having recently undergone a shift in format, we spoke with Science & Dance Teacher and Corbett House Coordinator, Marissa Gangemi, to learn more about the House Drama Competition

What was the brief that the students received?

This year the students were introduced to a new format of House Drama. Previously the girls have experienced competing in theatre sports to a live audience and creating their own live performance. This year the girls had the task of creating their own film. The guidelines involved each house having a consistent script starter with set characters, whereby they had to work together to finish the script. As part of these guidelines the students had to ensure that allocated roles were filled. Each team required a director, producer, videographer, choreographer and cast members, as well as a dance ensemble with the Junior School students. They spent rehearsals filming their script, to produce a short film which was submitted to an external adjudicator.

Can you explain what the process involved for the students?

House Drama began with an initial briefing meeting between the directors, producers, videographers and the Performing Arts Department. The directors were introduced to the script starter and began devising the rest of their script. Following this process, each House engaged in a variety of rehearsal and filming sessions to put their film together. The directors and producers facilitated each rehearsal and lead the process. The videographers were responsible for hiring a camera from the library and filming and editing the final product. Cast members spent time rehearsing their lines and ensuring they were committed to their characters. Finally, the choreographers created a one minute dance routine for the Junior School dance ensemble to perform as the credits of the film.

What sparked the change in the format of the competition? (From in person to video)

Each year we receive feedback from the students on what they would like to see in House Drama. From this feedback, it was clear that the girls wanted to involve more aspects of the Performing Arts, such as Dance, in this competition. With this in mind we decided a film would best promote participation. This format enabled the girls to participate in either the acting, directing, videography, choreography or dance aspect of the competition. This is also the first year that the Junior School students have been involved in House Drama.

Why is House Drama an important competition to contribute to the McAuley Shield?

House Drama plays a pivotal role in the holistic development of the girls. It cultivates interpersonal relationships among students. The collaborative nature of House Drama encourages interaction between different year groups, promoting a sense of unity and shared purpose within the House. House Drama also includes the Performing Arts in the pastoral care program, celebrating the many skills and talents of our students.

Congratulations de la Hoyde on your victory! Well done to every House, you should all be extremely proud of your efforts and creative submissions. It’s exciting to witness actors, directors and editors in the making.

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