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The App Your Child Must Have

Schools usually write articles about which apps your child should be protected from. That’s not the case here. This is the app we want all our students to have on their phone and it is available for free at the App Store. The Emergency+ AppThis app has as its home page the numbers required in an emergency. But what makes this app special is that it has the GPS coordinates of where you are calling from, accurate to 50m. It gives the address but also the latitude and longitude. So, your child will always be able to tell the emergency operator exactly where they are.The app also has the numbers of:

  • Crimestoppers
  • Health Direct
  • Police Assistance Line
  • SES

Linda Stade has worked in various teaching and management roles in education for twenty-five years. She has worked in government and private schools, country and city, single sex and co-ed. Currently she is the Research Officer at Santa Maria College, Western Australia. She has a Facebook page here.

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