What Were The Best Things About Year 6 Camp?

So what were the best things about Year 6 Camp?

  • The girls had a wonderful time challenging themselves with the activities, they faced their fears of height and tested their endurance, along with the thrill of the whole camp adventure.
  • Students encouraged each other, they celebrated their successes together and they commiserated with each other when someone didn’t complete something.
  • The girls embraced the environment, had lots of fun together with the teachers, and had the opportunity to get to know new friends.
  • The girls joined in with the domestic chores, like setting tables for 110, clearing up, washing up and setting up again.
  • They were creative in their work, had fun in their duties and were cooperative and accepting of each other.

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful work leading up to the camp, during the camp and after the camp of the Year 6 teachers and staff. They certainly gave their all to ensure the girls had the best experience they could and that they were happy and healthy while doing it.

Jocelyn Hansen, Dean of Students – Years 5 & 6

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