The Final Curtain

I am growing up in an age where everything is accessible at the touch of a button, so performing in Cyberbile has really opened my eyes to the effects of our technology use. I have had the privilege of working with so many beautiful and talented girls during this whole process, as well as working with the Performing Arts Department to produce what I believe is a very powerful play.

While performing in my last ever Senior School Production, I have learnt that my voice is powerful in communicating to the world. It has given me the confidence to go out and be an advocate for everything I believe in. Being in Cyberbile provided me with a completely different perspective on people and bullying. The concept of bullying for me is simple, you just don’t do it, because no matter who you are, you have to respect everyone. Listening to and performing the raw and true stories of the bullies, the victims and the parents of both, have made me realise that although we talk about cyberbullying, we never really talk about the very real impact it can have on a person.

I have been involved in five productions while attending Santa Maria and have learnt through the long processes that I have the ability to communicate, one of my greatest passions. I have developed from my first role to my last; learning control, confidence, my lines, time management and who I am as an actor. Through productions I have made the best of friends and memories to last me a life time.

Sophie Maines, Year 12 Performing Arts Captain

After six productions in six years at Santa Maria, it is fair to stay I have learnt and experienced so much in the Performing Arts Department. After watching Grease, my first production at Santa Maria in 2009, I became fascinated with the idea of being up on that stage performing to an audience. I always thought that performing looked so natural and I was excited to find out how actors could turn into different characters.

From my first character of the barge woman in Year 7, to my final characters in Year 12; a 14-year-old, coffee mum and business mum, I have been able to develop and grow as an actor. I have realised how much I can push myself in terms of my acting ability, through to the way I can handle being under pressure, manage my stress and learn lines.

Although parts of the production can be stressful and time consuming, every year, I have realised that all the work and all the effort is worth the time spent in rehearsal, because I can see the outstanding finished product. Being able to perform the finished product for an audience is the best feeling as an actor because you are able to see how all the elements, including design and production, come together to assist bringing the show to life.

As well as being proud of the whole cast in producing such amazing work, my involvement in the productions has given me chances to develop new friends and grow closer to old friends. An ensemble in any production becomes such a close-knit family and it is something I will certainly cherish and miss next year.

Courtney Withers, Year 12 

From being involved in production for five years, I’ve learnt a lot, not only about myself, but performance as well. I’ve come to appreciate just how much work and effort goes into creating and running a production and all the behind the scenes work of set designers, lighting and sound technicians and stage hands.

Personally, I have come to understand that I have the ability to push myself to be the best I can be, if I let myself. Also, experiencing the transition from being one of the youngest in the cast to being the oldest, I’ve come to realise just how much of an impact being involved in these productions has had on my development into Year 12, from friendships to life skills.

Ella Harwood, Year 12

The following images are from the 2015 production of Wind in the Willlows.

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