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Kate Williams - Sisterhood Lunch Series

Santa Maria College has created an amazing community over the past decades. A community so strong that 22 Alumni are members of staff. This speaks volumes about the powerful influence their education at the College has had on their lives and the culture and values that were instilled in them during their time as a student.

I am immensely proud to be an alumni. There is something deeply comforting about our connection that feels like a sisterhood, and I am forever grateful for the school helping to shape me into the person I am today. This connection is difficult to identify but brings with it a deep sense of loyalty and commitment and a lifetime of belonging.

Our students retain a strong connection to our school when they leave due to the memories, friendships and experiences they have while here. The key to their connection is the relationships they form while at school with students, in their classes, their Homerooms, their Houses, co-curricular groups, boarding friends and staff members. These connections can last a lifetime.

The experiences they share, the skills, knowledge, and insights they gain remain with them long after graduation. Staying connected with my former classmates and hearing about the incredible things they have accomplished in their lives and careers is inspiring.

This sense of belonging to something larger can lead to a deep appreciation for their school’s legacy and mission even after they have moved on. For many alumni, it is a source of pride and an important part of their identity. Many aspects of our lives are based on our belonging and familiarity with a group of people with whom we share memories.

Santa Maria Alumni/Staff

Our staff have returned to Santa Maria for various reasons, most notably to be part of a values-led community that values the growth and development of young women. Many staff members are proud to reconnect with their school and take on the challenge of giving back to a community they are so closely connected with. Here’s what some of our staff had to say about why they chose to return:

"The mission and values of Santa Maria have always resonated with me. Returning as a teacher was a way in which I could give back to a community that significantly shaped me as a young person."

"I loved attending Santa Maria as a boarding student and having ease of access to the IGSSA sporting opportunities. Sport at Santa Maria was a highlight of my high school life, and what better way to enable the same experience for the students of Santa Maria than teaching in the PE department."

"I have chosen to come back to work at Santa Maria twice because it feels like home!"

How can alumni be involved?

Reunion Cocktail Party - Class of 1973

I encourage and invite any alumni from Santa Maria, no matter how long ago you left, to get involved with the College. There are so many ways you can be involved. Only last week, we launched our Alumni Careers Mentoring Register, and already we have over 130 alumni willing to be part of this program. Alumni have so much to offer our students.

Our alumni can stay connected with Santa Maria and give back in many valuable ways. Here are some opportunities for our alumni to partner with us:

  • Join the Alumni Careers Mentoring Register to help guide and mentor current students in their chosen career paths.
  • Be a Career Mentor and advise current students on resumes, job-searching, interviews, portfolios, or even offer an internship.
  • Share your industry expertise, knowledge and wisdom in areas related to our programs, such as Science, Technology, Business, Mathematics, Arts, Sports or many others in our classrooms or at special events.
  • Join the Sisterhood Lunch Series and share your career/study/life journey since leaving Santa Maria.
  • Volunteer your time to become a tutor or sports coach to help our students excel and achieve their goals.
  • Reconnect with alumni from your year groups through our social platforms.
  • Join the Old Girls’ Association and help the association to create activities to connect alumni.
  • Be a volunteer at the annual alumni reunion at Santa Maria.
  • Assist the school in finding lost alumni.
  • Connect alumni to alumni for career development opportunities – building professional connections, seeking advice, and becoming aware of career opportunities.
  • Become an advocate for the College – share our blogs and updates about events and achievements of teachers, students and the College across social media channels!
  • Continue the Santa Maria and Mercy legacy through philanthropy initiatives.
Reunion Cocktail Party 2023

We extend a warm invitation to our alumni to reconnect with Santa Maria to become an integral part of our journey towards success. With the support of our alumni, we can ensure that Santa Maria remains a vibrant learning environment focused on the growth of future generations of Santa Maria students. If you are interested, please contact our Foundation and Alumni Officer, Elizabeth Houwert (Walsh), Class of 2002.

A community that builds and nurtures strong connections, ensuring every student who enters our gates achieves her potential and is supported by an incredible wider community of alumni.

We invite all of our Santa Girls to carry the mantra ‘once a Santa girl, always a Santa girl’, to embrace their worth, and strive for greatness. Our alumni are here to support every graduate on their journey, knowing that with belief in themselves they can surpass any obstacle ahead.

the Winter Appeal and Outreach Mass at Santa Maria College.

Term 2 – Empowering Students and Community – Jennifer Oaten

As we conclude another remarkable term at Santa Maria College, we celebrate the myriad achievements and growth of our students. Term 2 was filled with empowering opportunities, from faith-based activities and learning innovations to social awareness projects and community engagements, embodying our Mercy values and commitment to excellence.

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