The Importance of Connection

With the majority of our students coming out of isolation this week and returning to face-to-face learning, we are reminded of the importance of connection, now more than ever.

Today during Pastoral Care Time, Years 5 and 6 students had some fun discussing their connection to each other. They talked about the value of connection, how it makes them feel, when they feel connected and when they are not.  The girls used coloured wool to throw to each other as they expressed their ideas and showed their connectedness.

They shared some of the examples of what they loved and what they missed during online learning and their thoughts on how much they love the face-to-face learning and their reasons why. 

Here is what a few of the girls had to say:

Madison: Connectedness is like a big circle – those in the centre are the closest to you, and as the circle goes out it is the people you are less connected to you don’t know as well.

Isabella: I feel more connected when I am face to face.

Sophie M: Connectedness is being part of a community and being loyal to them in good times and in bad.

Sofia A: Being loyal to more people is better.



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