The Life of a Gap Student

Jenna Bailes, Jenna Bentley, Cassandra Arthur and I, all came across the ocean from South Africa, to join the Santa Maria community as gap students in Boarding. We’ve had a great experience so far, making friends for life and learning so much about ourselves.

We have had many opportunities with the school to explore Perth when we have gone to different recreational activities with the girls. It is always such fun to spend time with the boarders here. They are all so unique and welcoming and definitely make this feel like home.

Santa Maria is such an amazing school to have been placed at. It’s situated in such a stunning area of Perth. I know all the ‘gappies’ really love exploring the local spots, as well as enjoying a yummy ice cream on a warm day down by the river.

We are so fortunate to have this opportunity to experience a new country and meet such special people along the way.

Meghan de Wet, Gap Student
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