The Mentoring Project


This year, we were lucky enough to be paired together as mentor and mentee. It has been a fantastic journey so far for both of us and we have enjoyed every moment. We said to each other how perfect we had been matched, with us having very similar interests, and it has definitely made the process a lot easier and enjoyable. We have caught up for dinner and ice-cream in Fremantle, played mini-golf at Elizabeth Quay, played a very competitive game of tenpin bowling (the current score is 1 -1, so we’ll have to settle that another day!) and we have also attended the UWA Open Day. We have formed a lovely friendship which has allowed us to speak about all things school, subjects, resumes, careers, and relationships, whilst having some good, long (we love to chat) conversations about life and all that comes with it, during these high school years. It’s been a great first half of the year and we can’t wait for what’s to come in the next half – and for many years to come!

Xaysja and Sofia  

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