The Mentoring Project

Our launch of the Mentoring Project on 8 March was a great success. The evening provided an opportunity for Year nine and ten students from the IGNITE and REACH programs, to meet their mentors. Their mentors are old girls who offer the students support and guidance in careers, study and life skills.

Throughout the year we will bring you updates on what these mentoring partnerships are up to.


“Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of being assigned a year 9 student, Lana, to mentor throughout 2018. Upon meeting Lana, it was immediately apparent why we had been matched – myself, working as a Software Developer and Lana, a coding enthusiast, had much in common. In the coming months, Lana and I plan to test our skills and undertake a few coding projects together, with Lana teaching me about Swift and me sharing some insight into what a developer might do at work. We are also planning a visit to a university open day later in the year, but it’s not all career focused – shopping, movies and Scitech outings are all on the cards! As a Software Developer, I normally receive confused looks when I describe my profession so to meet Lana – a young woman who is enthusiastic about technology and computer programming – is quite a novel and rewarding experience.” 

– Megan Crawley (2008)

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