The Old Girl Connection

In 2017, the Old Girls initiated an in-house service program where past students would assist our Golden Girls with small household duties, errands, and companionship.

Libby Danckert (Low 1982) and June Shenton -Turner (1943) were teamed up and have been seeing each other every fortnight for the past two and a half years.   

I was privileged enough to have a chat with them last week and talk about their beautiful relationship.

It is clear to see that both Libby and June have become firm friends. Like any successful friendship, there is trust, respect and genuine care for one another. 

Libby and June connected almost immediately. June said, ‘It is a wonderful system.’ She has been very grateful for Libby sharing time with her. Libby, too is most grateful for the experience and it is clear there is mutual appreciation for one another. They have a love of knowledge and enjoy sharing stories from school days at Santa Maria. They are both family-focused and of course, shopping days are always fun!

One of their fond memories was a day shopping at Garden City. They came across a group of Year 12 Santa Maria girls. Upon June’s insistence, they introduced themselves as past students and a long chat ensued. Both June and Libby were delighted with the experience.

As Catherine McAuley told us, there is nothing better than companionship and a good cup of tea. If you are a Golden Girl and would like to be part of our program, please let us know [email protected]

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