The Student Voice

Our Year 12 Executive were invited to attend the last College Advisory Council meeting to share their goals and visions for the student body in 2020.

This meeting enabled the leaders to bring a student voice to the table. The girls spoke about their main goal and major focus for the year being one of community and connectedness, and their vision to bring together the different year groups.

“The most important things in life are the connections you make with others” – Tom Ford.

Head Girl, Jasmine Chow said, “Our school can be quite segregated, there is an invisible wall between the girls in Years 5 & 6 and us. We want to break that down”

The girls gave examples of what they are already doing, which has included House Captains organising activities during Pastoral Care Time, where they have grouped students from different Year groups together for activities. In Boarding, the leaders have created ‘tribes’, which consist of girls from different boarding Houses and different Year groups joining together to compete in different activities.

One of the things the Year 12 Student Leadership Council are planning to implement is having lunch with the Year 5 students up in the MacKillop area soon. The girls would love to make this a tradition, sharing lunch with the younger girls, a couple of times throughout the year.

Student Executive from L to R, Jasmine Chow, Tolu Sorunmu, Mackenzie Goss and Harriet Comerford-Smith

The Year 12 Leadership Team consists of Jasmine Chow, Head Girl, Tolu Sorunmu, Deputy Head Girl, Harriet Comerford-Smith, Head Boarder and Mackenzie Goss, Deputy Head Boarder.

Head Girl, Jasmine said, she’s already made friends with students from other Year groups and said its great walking around the school and girls come up to you and say hi!

The girls have a lunch meeting with Mrs Oaten once each term, where they share their strategies and plans for the student body.

Jasmine enjoyed attending the College Advisory Council meeting, saying it was wonderful to see that there are past parents and students who sit on the council, who are no longer directly related to the College, which shows their strong connection to the school.

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