This is Our Story

As part of Sorry Day 2019, our Indigenous students designed a drawing and invited every student to be a part of its creation. The drawing tells the story of their culture and connection to the land the College sits on.

This drawing is on display in College Reception during Reconciliation Week.Here is their story.

Santa Maria College sits on the Derbarl Yerrigan, which is the Swan River. We have journeyed this land for thousands of years. The journey of our ancestors is represented by the black feet which are the people, the Noongar community that walked up along the river.

Part of our Noongar culture is the inclusivity of the community which is also represented by the first symbol. Additionally, our culture has its own cultural lores, which is also our justice system. This is represented by the second symbol. Along our journey, we’ve come to rest. As we have left our campsites and walked a long way, we have caught some weitj (emus) and yonga (kangaroo) and we are having a feed together, sharing our food. Along the way, after we have rested and filled our bellies, we are sitting around the campfires and talking with the Elders and being educated about our cultural ways as represented by the third symbol.

Talking with our Elders and learning about culture helps us become enlightened and develops our spirituality as shown by the fourth symbol.

This is our journey; this is our story.

Jamie West (Year 12), Latisha McGlinn (Year 12) & Layla Beardman (Year 11), Sorry Day 2019

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