Tiahna Invited to Dance with the WA Ballet Company

We’d like to congratulation Year 9 student Tiahna Commins. Tiahna recently auditioned and was invited to dance as a guest artist with the West Australian Ballet’s production of Coppelia. The production takes place at His Majesty’s Theatre from 15 – 25 September.

We asked Tiahna some questions about her ballet and goals for the future.

How long have you been doing ballet, and how old were you when you started? 

I have been doing ballet since I was three years old, so 12 years. Over the years, I have also studied lyrical, jazz and tap (not for long!), but my focus is classical ballet and contemporary

What ballet school do you dance with? 

I started dancing with Katharine Mantle Performing Arts Academy and then was accepted into the Perth Classical and Contemporary Coaching (PCCC) Program. This is a more intense course that requires a lot of time and commitment.  

What do you love most about ballet? 

I love that it’s so challenging and pushes me to my limits. There is always room for improvement in ballet. You can constantly get better and improve your skills. There is no perfection in ballet.  

Tell us a little about your upcoming performance with the WA Ballet Company and what this involves. 

I’ll be performing in the upcoming ballet Coppelia with the WA Ballet. There will be many rehearsals to attend, both at WA Ballet and His Majesty’s Theatre. I will be given the role of one of the younger dolls, which will grow up into one of the adult dolls throughout the performance.     

Do you have future goals for a ballet career?

My goal is to become a professional dancer with a European company.  It’s a really competitive industry and hard to get into. You must be at a certain level to be accepted. It’s a goal I would really like to achieve so that my hard work can pay off.

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