Top 10 Career Tips for Students


Choosing a pathway in Year 10 is critical and can be a time of great uncertainty and confusion. To support the girls, we have been connecting learning to life this week through our Year 10 Careers Day. We welcomed five alumni back to the College who spoke about their career pathways and answered an array of questions from the girls.

Careers Teacher, Nic Keskinidis, has collated 10 awesome bits of career advice from our staff for the girls.

  1. The best career advice I received was to choose something where the following all met in the middle: you love it, you are good at it, the world needs it, you are paid for it. If you can get all four of these to intersect, you have found a purpose that will guide you through life.
  2. Think about things that you love to do or are passionate about and don’t forget that your first job is not your forever job!
  3. Don’t worry about choosing a career for the rest of your life right now. Some of the greatest people I know still don’t know what they want to be.
  4. Don’t choose a career based on salary. There’s no point being rich if you hate going to work every day and you’re miserable!
  5. Work-life balance is important, ensure you are involved in a sporting group, book club or something you love while you are working. The ‘real world’ is a big place and it is important that you have things to look forward to other than work.
  6. Don’t choose a career based on money or what your parents think you should do, or because everyone else is doing it, this often leads to unhappiness or time spent just meandering around.
  7. Part of working out what you want to do is going down the path of where you think you want to go. It’s ok to come back up and start off on a different course, but at some time you must commit and complete the journey.
  8. You’re never going to get along with everyone you work with. It doesn’t mean their ideas aren’t worth listening to or implementing. Separate personal from professional as much as you can.
  9. Don’t expect to get your dream job right off the bat. Work towards your future job and know that it will take ongoing work and effort – but will be worth it in the end.
  10. For me, it was a case of doing what I always knew I wanted to do. But trying something else was good for helping me work that out. And I love what I do.
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