Top ATAR English Students Offer Advice

Each year, Head of English, Anthony Phillips invites top English ATAR students to return to the College and share valuable study tips with the current Year 12s.

This year, Mia Dal Molin and Isi Ogwu returned to chat to the girls about exam preparation and to share their 8 top tips to help the girls with their study.

The girls both scored an ATAR of 97+ and a Certificate of Excellence for English. Mia also received a Certificate of Distinction and Isi a Certificate of Merit.

The girls shared the following tips in regard to study.

Mia and Isi also had some key messages for the girls at exam time.

Before the Exam

  • Get organised the night before
    • get a decent pen, write quickly and neatly
    • have timetable/ID etc ready
  • Get a good night’s rest
  • Avoid stress
    • last minute memorisation probably won’t help
    • don’t go to school too early
    • don’t be around people who stress you out

During the Exam

  • Use reading time wisely
    • read everything carefully and pick your questions
    • start planning whichever section you want to start with
  • Keep an eye on the time
    • spend your time on each question wisely
    • set how long you will spend on a question and stick to it

The girls finished off on a light note with the following advice:

“After the exams, read WACE memes and forget about it”



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