TV Series Of Interest For Parents

On Thursday 1 August, SBS premier a new series titled The Hunting. It is based on a nude photo-sharing scandal in an Australian high school. SBS says, “the series aims to promote discussion and awareness to enable positive experiences for young people online.”

As confronting as this idea might be, pressure to share nude photos is becoming increasingly part of teen dating and relationships. Sometimes, by design or accident, those photos end up online. This series explores how all parties, including the school and parents, manage that situation and the impact it has on all concerned.

As the series is not yet available, nobody at Santa Maria College has been able to preview it, so while we are not recommending it as such, we do deem the topic relevant to parents and teens. Be aware that the series has been widely promoted so it is likely that many of our students will watch it. It would be better if you were able to watch it with them or at least talk to them about it.

This link is to a review by Rebecca Sparrow. Rebecca is a parenting specialist from Queensland and is well respected. Perhaps read what she has to say in order to guide your decision making in this regard.

For parents and teachers looking for more information, visit the eSafety Commissioner website and SBS Learn.

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