Understanding the Solar System

Students in Year 5 have been studying Earth and Space Sciences, through a collaboration between Science, Design & Technologies, and English.

The girls followed sequenced steps to show their understanding of the solar system, in an open-ended task. The girls could demonstrate their knowledge in any way they chose, to show ‘The Earth is part of a system of planets orbiting around a star (the sun)’.

The girls used learning for life skills like curiosity, critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving to create their models of the solar system.

The girls faced a few challenges along the way, but through perseverance, overcame these obstacles to go on to create their designs.

Millie Huang (5.4) said, “I had two challenges. The first was that I didn’t know how to make the actual planets with my pipe cleaners, I tried to make them more solid by remaking them. The second challenge was attaching Saturn’s ring, I first tried to use tape and stick it on, but it kept falling, so then I used toothpicks and poked one end of it into the planet and one end stuck to the ring. This worked!”

Alice Gray (5.4) said, “My first plan didn’t work, then my second plan didn’t work, then I came up with a third plan that didn’t work. The fourth plan worked because I kept on trying really hard.”

Audrey Toussaint (5.5) said, “When I tried to put my clay on the ping pong ball (which was going to be Mars), it didn’t stick so I had to rethink my plan and just use clay to make Mars instead.”

We asked some of the girls what they learned:

“I learned the order of the planets; how big they are and how different they are.” Harper Taylor (5.3)

“I learned what all the planets are made of and that some of the planets don’t have a solid surface.” Lily Brand (5.2)

“I learned that I needed more time to complete the task!” Lily Hicks (5.3)

“I was surprised that there are bigger stars than the sun.” Maya Hall (5.5)

“I learned that there is a planet in the asteroid belt.” Ava Massie-Taylor (5.2)

We’re sure you’ll agree, the girls have come up with some creative designs to show what they’ve been learning.

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