Update to SEQTA: Information for Parents

This week, SEQTA Engage for Parents has undergone a redesign. The new design includes all of the same features and icons in the same order.

A couple of the more significant changes that are relevant for parents:

  • Teachers can release feedback to students before the final mark is released. This means that your child can reflect on her progress before and after her assessment without a mark. This allows staff to have conversations with your daughter about her progress and how she is going throughout the progress of the course, via SEQTA. If you see feedback without a mark, do not be concerned as the mark will likely follow later.
  • Course information on the cover page is all still accessible, just scroll down after selecting Courses > Subject. Many Santa Maria courses are using OneNote for teaching and learning, but there will still be information on the Courses page for parent access.
  • Reports are also more clearly named and organised according to date.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding SEQTA’s new layout, please contact  Melissa Marshall, Head of Digital Learning.


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