VET Certificates… A Great Foundation

Our community will be farewelling our Class of 2019 at our Valedictory events over the next few days. At our Valedictory Assembly, a significant number of girls will be presented with Vocational and Education and Training (VET) Certificates.
As the first of our Valedictory News Blogs, our focus is on acknowledging the achievement and commitment shown by these Year 12 students who have completed VET Certificates. Students in both ACCESS and ATAR pathways have gained these nationally recognised certificates, which for many will be the foundation of future studies or work.

VET Certificates:

  • Certificate II, III or IV in Business
  • Certificate IV in Community Services
  • Certificate IV in Education Support
  • Certificate III in Aviation (Cabin Crew)
  • Certificate III in Events
  • Certificate III in Health Services Assistance
  • Certificate III in Screen & Media
  • Certificate III in Sport & Recreation
  • Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation

Click HERE to see the acknowledgment of girls completing VET Certificates in 2019.
A certificate II is the current minimum requirement for graduation for a student on our ACCESS (General) pathway however unlike many other students across the state, many of our girls complete a Certificate IV and often complete multiple certificates.
The General pathway from 2020 allows students to obtain their WACE without completing a Certificate II or higher, provided that they complete 5 General courses and obtain a minimum number of C grades, as per the current system.
Our students will continue to have opportunities to complete a wide range of VET qualification courses as part of an ACCESS pathway. It is believed that Certificate courses, combined with Work Place Learning placements, will continue to provide real-life experience to assist students in gaining skills and knowledge directly related to their career paths of interest.
The experience gained through VET qualifications enables our students to develop career networks and exposure to post-school training practices. The opportunity to study a qualification provides specific learning experiences that are not possible in a school setting. Having one day off-campus each week assists students in developing time management, independence and individual accountability.
Congratulations to all girls who have completed a VET Certificate in 2019.

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