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VIBE: Year 12 Art & Design Show

VIBE is the name of the Year 12 Graduation Art & Design Show. The word ‘vibe’ has been used by the students often throughout the year, as an adjective to describe different artworks.

Jan Withers, Head of Visual Arts said at last night’s opening, “I can relate the word vibe to this wonderful group of young women who continuously have created the most energetic, enthusiastic and creative vibe, never before seen in this department! Each and every day, before school, recess, lunch and after school, a positive and supportive vibe is felt in the department and for that, we will remember this group of great artists.”

The opening was a night of colour and excitement. Students dressed in art overalls they had decorated for the night as they showed off their amazing artwork to family and friends.

The girls have much to be proud of. Their amazing talent, hard work and perseverance shows in each and every piece.

The Mercy Gallery will be open to view the girls’ work for the next week.

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