Victory for the Santa Maria Boarders AFL Team

History was made on Thursday night when the Santa Maria College boarders AFL squad took on the Perth College boarder team at Optus Stadium. A lot of pride was on the line in this curtain raiser before the Eagles/Essendon game and both teams showed exceptional skills and attack at the footy.

Santa Maria increased their margin considerably during the game but a surge by Perth College closed the gap and made it a real contest in the late stages of the game. The Santa Maria team were able to withstand the pressure, however, and were victorious finishing the game on 60 points (9.6) to Perth College’s 54 (8.6.).

A special thanks to Coach Nic Keskinidis, Emma Wood, Jo Beechy, Drew Petrie & Adam Selwood for making it happen, and to the Santa Maria staff who helped on the night.

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