Visual Art Staff Exhibit Their Work

Jan Kennedy, Jaye Quin, Ari Flora, Lisa Bowden, Adam Cruickshank, Asha Ciotti and Kim Christian

We are so fortunate to have such talented staff in our Art Department, all are artists in their own right. 

From 15 – 30 January, current and past Visual Art staff: Jan Kennedy, Arianne Flora, Jaye Quin, Asha Ciotti (former teacher), Kim Christian (former art technician), Adam Cruickshank (partner of Kim Christian) and Lisa Bowden (Head of Visual Arts until 2015) exhibited their work at the Nyisztor Gallery in Melville.

The advertising for the exhibition stated, “Different ideas and frequencies unravelled and reassembled into one exhibition, featuring works by seven artists”. A cassette tape was used in the publicity for the exhibition. Each artist was featured as a track on the cassette. Paintings, bookbinding, illustration, jewellery, lighting and mixed media were displayed.


  1. Asha Ciotti – whimsical mixed media illustration
  2. Jan Kennedy – fashion-inspired painting
  3. Adam Cruickshank – innovative lighting design
  4. Lisa Bowden – mixed media on found objects


  1. Jaye Quin – quirky bookbinding and textiles
  2. Arianne Flora – paintings of objects that unravel and surround us
  3. Kim Christian (Rumma Designs) – jewellery capturing ocean treasures

Acting Head of Visual Arts, Ari Flora said, “We have exhibited as a group six times now. Every few years, group members may change, depending on busy lives and commitments. Our first show was at Heathcote Gallery, then at Moore’s building in Fremantle, which was a favourite. This time at Nyisztor Gallery, which was an inviting and airy space with a great sense of natural light.

We asked Ari what she enjoyed most about the exhibition. “I loved setting up the display and seeing everyone’s work together for the first time. There is a lot of friendly banter! Opening night is always exciting and fun to share with friends and family!

“Although our works vary significantly in style, the differences always blend and complement each other when hung and displayed. Working in the arts, it is important to keep improving your skills and express your ideas and passion in alternative spaces. Artworks can be shown to audiences to spark a thought or a curiosity. We enjoy working together. It is more than a networking exercise, as our friendships have grown richer over time. It is an excellent way for us to stay connected as a creative group.”

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