Water Polo Players to Compete at National Championships

A number of our girls have been selected to compete at the National Water Polo Championships in Brisbane in January. Congratulations to the following girls, whose love for the sport, dedication and passion has paid off with their recent selection.

Isabel Bauer (Year 8)
Bridget Cranley (Year 8)
Georgia de Bueger (Year 7)
Ava Forrest (Year 7)
Rahni Sicree (Year 8)
Milly Sullivan (Year 7)
Isabella Teasdale (Year 8)

I got into water polo as my sister played, my parents played, and my uncle was a very talented player. I started by playing flipper ball when I was 8 years old. As well as playing a fun game of social water polo, three years ago I started under 14 state league competition. I have grown up swimming and have been around water all my life, so my favourite sport is in the place I love the most. Rahni Sicree

When I was little, I loved watching my brothers play so I couldn’t wait to start playing! I played Flippa Ball for four years and as I got older, I realised I wanted to represent the club further, this led to my 3rd season of water polo and second nationals. I love water polo so much because I love teams sports and I get to see my best friends every single day! Ava Forrest 

I play for Melville Water Polo club and I have been playing water polo for the past 4 – 5 years. I love being in a team environment and I also love to swim. Georgia de Bueger

I got into water polo at the end of Year 2, as I started playing Friday night Flippa Ball down at Melville Water Polo club because some of my friends wanted to play. I’ve played every year since then. I love water polo because it’s such a diverse sport, I don’t know any other sport quite like it! It’s so much fun to play and combines so many skills. Playing with my friends and an amazing team makes it that much more fun. Isabel Bauer

I got into water polo, because my friends asked if I wanted to play in their team, that was when I was in Year 3. What I most enjoy about water polo is that it is a sport that involves a ball and it involves swimming, and I get to do it with all my friends. Milly Sullivan 

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