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Welcome to the Parent Resource section of Wellness Connect! This section provides mental health and wellbeing resources to help guide parents of Santa Maria students. 

Welcome! This page provides mental health and wellbeing resources to help guide our parents and carers of Santa students. It has been especially curated to include the most common mental health and wellbeing concerns facing teenage girls in Australia.

If you’re worried about your daughter, the important thing to remember is that behaviour, social and emotional changes are to be expected in teen years. 

It is part of typical development for many teens to experience:

  • moodiness
  • irritability
  • increased self-consciousness
  • increased argumentativeness
  • increased parent-child conflict
  • shifts in sleep cycles
  • increased desire for privacy, and
  • increased importance of the peer group over the family unit

That is not to say that we can’t give them a helping hand through the minefield of adolescence and offer them a safe space to land when life challenges them. Click below for tips in dealing with specific concerns. 

Parent Webinars

Our team regularly run parent workshops and webinars on topical issues as they arise. Take a look at some of our work below.

Get in touch to request a workshop or webinar: [email protected]

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