Welcome Back to Our Golden Girls!

One of the highlights on the College and Old Girls’ Association calendars each year would have to be the Golden Girls’ Lunch. It’s wonderful to see the ladies come back and reconnect with the College.

This year, 82 ladies who graduated between 1950 and 1971 came back to celebrate, reminisce, and catch up with old friends, some they haven’t seen for years.

Some of our Year 7 students acted as escorts. Shy at first, but the girls quickly overcame that jostling to take the next group of visitors. The girls escorted the ladies from their cars to the Community Room. This was a highlight for many of the ladies, embracing the opportunity to share stories about their time here or point out places they remembered. One of the ladies said, “Special mention must be made of Chloe in Year 7 who escorted us to the room. She was utterly charming and a fine example of the best of Santa Maria.

Our Flute Quartet kept the ladies entertained, while the Year 11 ACCESS students provided excellent service to the ladies throughout the lunch, assisting the College catering team. The ladies were presented with gorgeous poppy broaches made for them by the Years 8 and 10 Art classes in honour of Remembrance Day.

Mary Syme (Walker, 1966) said, “Thanks to all involved in putting on such a lovely day. Well done.”

Throughout the day there were many memories shared with us, here are some of them.

  • Jam on two-day-old bread for afternoon tea.
  • Lining up in the dark at 6.45 am every day for Mass.
  • Making toast on a heater while studying after lights out.
  • Bouncing squares of jelly down the stairs.
  • Studying in the bath at night after lights out.
  • Mercy Day was movie day, and an old projector would be set up
  • Swimming in the algae green swimming pool and helping to clean it when it was emptied.
  • Hitching up uniforms. Nuns measuring from a kneeling position and having to pull them down again.
  • Watching the moon landing on TV in the common room.
  • A cocky cage at the back of the boarders’ kitchen who could say the names of the Beatles.
  • Sleeping on the verandas.

We loved having you here and can’t wait to welcome you back again next year.

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