What a Term! – Jennifer Oaten

As we reach the final day of Term 3, I want to congratulate our Year 12 cohort who have shown great commitment throughout the year. The time has come to wish them well for the next few weeks in their chosen pathways.

ATAR students are currently completing their final College examinations (Mocks). Some students will also participate in their final WACE practical examinations for their subjects during the holidays, such as Physical Education Studies, Drama, and Dance. Languages practical examinations are held in October. The practical examinations require much practise, dedication, and refinement. We hope all girls can perform to their best on the day.

We wish students all the best in their preparation for exams and emphasise the importance of staying active, healthy, and connected during this time. Check on each other regularly and reach out if you need support. 

Courses are complete for our ACCESS students, so they have been involved in our Transition Program this week. They have been gaining new skills and qualifications that will assist them with gaining employment in the future. The College community wishes all ACCESS students all the best as they commence work, apprenticeships, university, or TAFE in the coming months. We hope the opportunities they have engaged in as part of the ACCESS program have provided some great foundations for future pathways.

Some highlights from Term 3

Much learning has occurred both in and out of the classroom during Term 3. Here are some of the highlights:

Year 5

  • Kindness projects, decided on by the students, organised and implemented to brighten someone else’s day resulting in some wonderful smiles. Our Year 7 Boarders were delighted to be the recipients of one kindness project.
  • Our future astronomers spent time stargazing through some amazing telescopes and taking incredible photographs of the moon.

Year 6

  • Using technology to design solutions to community problems, Spark 6, our Enhanced Learning Program, gave students an opportunity to be creative when thinking about issues such as lost animals, homelessness, and the challenges of refugee people. Students showcased some great solutions and great use of technology.

Year 7

  • The Public Speaking competition where girls were encouraged to have a voice, to speak out, express their opinions, develop confidence in speaking to an audience and earn House points. Our Year 7s showed great courage, skill, and preparation given this was their first attempt at this daunting task.
  • Father’s Day Mass was a special occasion for dads to share some special time with their daughters, celebrating the important role dads play in our girls’ lives, followed by sharing breakfast together.

Year 8

  • Building resilience was a focus for Year 8s Pastoral Care Time (PCT).  Building resilience to help them bounce back from failure, overcome challenges and maximise their potential using the four pillars of resilience: Relationships and Connections, Helpful Thinking, Purpose, and Gratitude to guide their thinking.

Year 9

  • Strive9 enabled Homerooms to work together to decide on, organise and take action in a social justice initiative. Environmental action, period poverty, activities with refugee children, and care packs were just some of the fantastic projects the girls decided to focus their efforts on. Much was learnt from the projects they chose but also about the challenges of teamwork.

Year 10

  • Dancing Lessons enabled the girls to meet Aquinas boys and develop dance skills, culminating with the much-anticipated Year 10 Social.
  • Our Health Expo enabled every Year 10 student to research and present a current health issue prevalent in young people. The girls excelled and broadened their knowledge on a wide variety of health issues.
  • Outdoor ED Camp provided physical challenges such as walking long distances with a heavy pack and abseiling. Planning and cooking meals was also a highlight.

Year 11

  • Leadership nominations occurred, and the Student Leadership Council for 2022 was announced, commissioned and undertook a leadership program in preparation for the beginning of their journey as the Year 12 student leaders in Term 4.
  • Dads danced the night away with their daughters at the Father/ Daughter Dinner, a night to be remembered.

Year 12

  • The Year 12 Retreat was a time of personal reflection, connection to others and an opportunity for the girls to consider their faith journey. It provided time to be still, a sense of fun, and a highlight was an understanding of the life journeys of staff.

Additional events

In addition to the above, the following events also took place:

  • House Athletics Carnival followed by our dedicated IGSSA team of over 100 students competing at the State Athletic Centre at the IGSSA Carnival and placing 5th.
  • Jungle Book– the amazingly colourful and energetic Years 7 – 9 production
  • Music Showcase – over 300 musicians shared their talents from our 15 choirs, ensembles, bands and orchestras
  • Dance Day – over 100 girls participated in three shows for family and friends. So many incredibly creative and polished performances were shared with the audience, many choreographed by the girls. 
  • Year 12 Art and Design Graduation Show showcased our talented artists and designers who were so creative in their pieces for the annual exhibition.
  • Year 12 Drama and Dance Performances were exceptional, with solo dance pieces and monologues, that are part of the WACE practical examinations, showcased by some courageous, and talented performers.
  • Mercy Day – the sun shone after weeks of rain, enabling us to celebrate 175 of Mercy Education and announce the McAuley Sheild winner. Congratulation to Kelly House. The Sisters of Mercy loved being part of our special celebrations.

And these are just some of the highlights. No wonder we all need a holiday!

We wish all members of our community a safe, happy, and healthy holiday.

To our boarding families, safe travels home, and to others who will be holidaying in Western Australia, enjoy what our wonderful state has to offer!

God Bless.

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