What Brings Us Joy

Today, being the last day of school for 2022, we asked the girls what bought them joy this year. Here’s what many of them had to say. 

“New opportunities in new co-curricular and electives, and making new friends.”

“My friends for supporting my choices and helping me with what I can do in the future.”

“School, I love all the girls in my classes.”

“Taking a risk to cut my hair short and absolutely loving it.”

“Having all of the different options like choir and music this year, I didn’t have the same things at my old school.”

“ My closest friends because they are always there for me.”

“Meeting new friends at Santa Maria, lots of people from my old school came here, but it was good to meet new people.”

“I like how our homeroom can just have a laugh together.”

 “My core class and my teachers brought me joy every day and made me happy to come to school.” 

 “Coming to Homeroom early and playing hangman with my friends.”

“Friends, laughter and family.”

“Coming to school and walking into my classroom every day has brought me joy.”

“Friends in boarding.”

“Spending time with family.”

“Our Year 10 Kelly Homeroom.”

“No COVID lockdowns.”

“Winning the McAuley Shield.”

“Being outside.”

“Getting a job – being paid.”

“Learning how to drive.”

“Future 10 workshops and keynote speakers.”

“Core class laughing experiences.”

“I got joy from my friends, being in 6.10 and laughing a lot with my class throughout the year.“

“I especially get joy from Sports and Maths.”

“Meeting new friends over the year.”

“Being my family and spending time together at Christmas.”

“I love spending time with family and friends.”

“Year 6 Camp brought me joy this year because it was really fun, but more than anything, it brought our class together like a family.”

“Seeing people help others in need.” 

 “Being able to see my friends and Mrs Coster every morning, knowing that I am loved.” 

“What brings me joy is the ocean and being able to talk to my friends about anything.” 

“Being a part of the Santa Maria Community.” 

We hope you’ve had a joyful year too!

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