What Do the Boarders Think of The Renovations?

We asked the boarders what they thought about the new renovations. Here’s what they had to say.

I love everything about the new rooms from all the space we have to the whiteboards we can now use for study. What I love the most is the beds because they are big and comfy. The courtyards also look amazing, and the lounge outside is very comfy. All the new renovations are modern, inviting and very homely.

Ebony Flavel, Year 12 Catherine House

Word Art by Ruby Farrell, Year 11 Bertrand House

I love the recently renovated rooms in boarding because they allow every one of us to add our own personal pop of colour. We can personalise our rooms whichever way we want to, which can make us feel more at home. My favourite thing about the new rooms is the king single beds.

Molly Walsh, Year 12 Catherine House

I really love the boarding renovations, they make the rooms feel bigger, brighter, more enjoyable, relaxing, and we can easily make them our own. We all feel more at home in our new rooms. We all also really love the new courtyards and sit out there it is a more welcoming space now.

Sigrid Hall, Year 11 Bertrand House

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