What do you want to be when you leave school?

The question ‘What do you want to be when you leave school?’ can be difficult for a Year 10 student to answer, especially when the world of work is likely to change so much in the future.  We also know that people are likely to have many different jobs or careers, some which do not yet exist. Hence, when Year 10 students choose their courses for Year 11, they often need guidance to do so. Coupled with that, many parents also feel that the WACE system, tertiary study pathways and university entrance requirements have changed so much since they went to school, they don’t know where to start to help their daughters.

Fortunately, every one of our Year 10 students and their parents has recently had the opportunity to meet with a course counsellor to help select their Year 11 courses for 2020. These meetings provide the chance to explore the possibilities and pathways available to students in reaching their goals in the future. There are many different options available to students today and our counsellors are able to discuss these with the girls and their parents.

‘Ultimately, when asked what subjects a student should study in Year 11 and 12, my advice would be to choose courses that you are passionate about and that will help keep your options open, rather than limit them’ says Simone Sawiris, Deputy Principal, Teaching & Learning.

Thanks to Mary Anne Hughes, Head of Careers and VET, Marsha Pengilly, Dean of Students, Year 10 and the dedicated team of course counsellors working with the girls and their families to assist them in their course selection process.

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