What’s Been Happening in Home Economics?

To say we have had a busy couple of weeks in Home Economics would be an understatement! 

From bake-offs, to sewing essentials, to creating portfolios, there is certainly no shortage of activity in the department.

Let’s take a closer look at what our students have been up to…

Year 9 Foods: Great Santa Bake Off

Year 9 Foods

The Year 9s have participated in one of the highlights of the year, the annual ‘Great Santa Bake Off’. This task required them to create a showstopper baked product, relating to the theme chosen by the class. It was impressive to see the creativity and flair our students have.

Year 10 Foods: Preparing morning tea for staff

Year 10 Foods

The Year 10 Foods classes spent three lessons preparing a delicious and nutritious morning tea for our staff members again! It was a fantastic opportunity for students to gain some hospitality experience. The girls surveyed staff for their dietary requirements and preferences (sausage rolls are always a must!), designed the menu with the timing required to make each food item, then prepared and presented it professionally. We can confirm that the morning tea was a massive hit amongst staff.

Year 11 Food Science & Technology students cooking with Year 7s

Year 11 Food Science & Technology

Year 11 Food Science & Technology students had the opportunity to share their skills by helping the Year 7s make spinach cheese parcels. It was lovely to see the Year 11s develop stronger connections with their younger peers, all whilst cooking an all time favourite! They set a fantastic example, which will definitely encourage younger students to take up Home Economics subjects over their Santa Maria journey. 

Years 7 and 8 Fashion

Over in Fashion, the Years 7 and 8 have been finishing off their pillowcases and shorts. These projects allow students to learn how to operate a sewing machine safely and sew products to a high standard. It is great to see students customising the designs to add their individual flair.

Year 10 Fashion students completing the 'No Waste Challenge'

Year 10 Fashion

We have an exciting new project in Year 10 Fashion – the ‘No Waste Challenge’. The fashion industry contributes a huge amount to landfills around the world. To combat this, the students are creating a garment with no wastage, minimising their environmental footprint.

This requires them to creatively think about the patterns they are using by careful pattern placement. It also encourages students to explore different ways to create shape and volume from rectangular pieces of fabric and to be open to the creative process of draping fabric on the mannequin.

Year 11 Children, Family and Community students displaying their portfolios

Year 11 Children, Family and Community

Finally, the Year 11 Children, Family, and Community General students have been creating a portfolio with a timeline, documenting their growth and development as a child. Surveying a relative and reminiscing how their family, friends, and local community have supported their growth and development journey.

If you think that your daughter may be interested in taking up a subject in Home Economics, Emily Nugent, who is Head of Home Economics here at the College, would be more than happy to have a chat!

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