What’s Coming Up in Boarding : Week 2, Term 3, 2020


We are still not able to attend Mass together each week. Each Sunday evening, every boarder will receive a pray focus via email.  They are encouraged to stop at this time to pray for the week ahead.


We are excited to be having a Clothes Swap in Boarding, on August 29 from 12.00 – 4.00 pm in the Dining Room.  To do this, we need the girls to bring in some clothes they don’t want anymore and place them in the baskets provided in each house by Friday 28 August. 

This gives the girls time over the upcoming weeks and the Term 3 Exeat weekend to find some nice clothes to bring back for the Clothes Swap. On the day they can purchase pegs (5 for $5.00 or 10 for $10.00) using cash, then place a peg (with their name on it) on each item of clothing they would like to have as theirs.

At 4.00 pm on the day, the items with just one peg will go to the person whose name is on that peg. Where there are clothes with multiple pegs, the pegs will go into a hat and a peg is drawn from the hat. Whoever’s name is on that peg, the item of clothing is theirs. 

Funds raised will go to leukemia and diabetes research. Thanks in advance for the donations and we hope the girls enjoy this fun activity in Boarding. 


Service groups will be collecting used mobile phones and their chargers to donate to ex-student, Lucy Franklin (Class of 2016), who works at the Not for Profit organisation, Hello Initiative. Lucy was an active contributor to the Santa Maria service Co-curricular Program and her passion to help those in the community continues today. 

Used mobile phones are given to at-risk teenagers who need them to make contact with their parole officer when they are released from detention centres like Banksia. If they do not make contact they automatically go back to detention. This is not only an excellent initiative but a very sustainable practice and we hope you can help! 
If you have old phones to deliver you can give them to staff in boarding and we can take them to drop off points in the College. Please bring in by 20 August (before Exeat weekend)


Late in Term 3, the College celebrates Mercy Day. On this day there are a wide variety of stalls and activities which raise money for Mercy organisations. We will be hosting a boarder’s stall and want it to be the standout stall of the day. What will you donate to this year’s Mercy Day Boarder’s Stall?


We are collecting old pairs of jeans. Cathy Smith is going to create a mobile phone holder for the house out of pockets from old pairs of jeans. If we get lots of jeans she will also make a mobile phone holder for each house. Your donations of old jeans will be gratefully accepted!

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