What’s Coming Up in Boarding : Week 8, Term 3, 2020


I am looking forward to meeting with past, present and prospective boarders and their families as I travel from Kununurra to Karratha during the October holidays. The gatherings during this time are for day and boarder students and families. Please click in this link ( https://events.humanitix.com/tours/kununurra-to-karratha) to RSVP if you are joining me at one of the functions. See you there!


We are still not able to attend Mass together each week. Each Sunday evening every boarder will receive a pray focus via email.  They are encouraged to stop at this time to pray for the week ahead.


Late in Term 3 the College celebrates Mercy Day. On this day there is a wide variety of stalls and activities which raise money for Mercy organisations. We will be hosting a Boarder’s Stall and want it to be the standout stall of the day. What will you be able to donate to this year’s Mercy Day Boarder’s Stall?


We are collecting old pairs of jeans. Cathy Smith is going to create a mobile phone holder for the house out of pockets from old pairs of jeans. If we get lots of jeans she will also make a mobile phone holder for each house. Your donations of old jeans will be gratefully accepted!

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