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What’s Happening in Boarding : Week 3, Term 1, 2021

A few reminders given to all boarders this week

Chewing Gum
This is not permitted in Boarding. Thank you in advance for adhering to this reminder.

Boarders are more than welcome to have visitors come to see them in Boarding. The girls are required to ask the boarding supervisor in advance if it is suitable for their visitor to come to Boarding. When they do arrive they are to be introduced to the boarding supervisor. They will then need to sign in (giving their name and phone number). Girls can be with their visitors only in the House CourtyardHouse Family Room, and on the lawn at the front of the house (grab a picnic blanket from the house). When visitors are leaving, girls have to say goodbye to their boarding supervisor as they sign out of Boarding.

They are for wearing in house only and not to be worn in the dining room 

What to bring
On the What to Bring to Boarding List for 2021 was an insulated lunch bag. If boarders do not have one with them in Boarding, please ensure one is purchased before coming back after the long weekend. Girls will use these lunch bags for carnivals, excursions, and camps. Boarding has freezer blocks available for use in the lunch bags. 

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