What’s Happening in Science?

In Science this week, the Year 12 General Science girls carried out an assessed practical as part of their course. The girls were dissecting a chicken wing to identify the different connective tissues and use microscopes to identify smooth and skeletal muscle cells.

We are thrilled by how the girls are coping with the course and the level of effort shown. Abigail Catalano and Bella Blake commented to me that they are learning this also at TAFE as part of their Cert III in Nursing. “We did this yesterday Ms Harris, and we now know how muscles and the skeleton work together,” the girls said.

Year 8 Science classes have also been busy in the Super Lab, starting their new topic on Energy. The girls have been heating water by setting alight different foods to see the energy content. The girls discovered that chemical energy is converted into heat energy. This can be seen in a temperature change in the water.

A great start to Science this year.

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